Choosing the Most Suitable Guinea Pig Cage, Accessories, and Bedding

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Published: 19th November 2010
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If you're looking for a playful, cuddly animal which is easy to look after, then you should certainly consider getting a guinea pig. They're all of these things and much more, and it's easy to see why they're among the most popular domestic pets around.

But while you might want to just dash out and get your new pets, along with a cage and all the associated accessories, it's important to spend some time finding out about guinea pigs' requirements. This way you can be sure to choose items which will meet their requirements perfectly.

The Cage

Most people, particularly first time owners, will usually get a traditional cage for their pets - these are the cages with a plastic floor and wire walls which are available in most pet shops.

But these cages are nearly always too small. Cavies require lots of space to scamper around in - you should try to provide around one square metre (11 square feet) for a cage housing two or three animals.

To provide this extra space, you either need to shop around for a much larger cage, or build one yourself. This isn't as difficult as you'd think - you can build a 'Cubes and Coroplast' cage without the use of any special tools, and it will provide your animals with a much larger living environment.


You should line your animals' cage with plenty of bedding. Cavies don't burrow, so the layer doesn't need to be particularly thick, but it must give a soft surface for their feet, and give them something to sleep on.

Start by covering the cage floor with paper, and on top of this use wood shavings or another suitable bedding material. This will give your pets a comfortable surface to walk on, protecting their feet.


Although it is tempting to fill your pets' cage with toys, they really don't need them. In fact, all they really do is take up space, making it harder for your pigs to exercise.

You really only need to provide your guinea pigs with two essential items - a food bowl, and a water bottle or dish. Put them in a corner, away from your pets' sleeping area, and you should refresh and clean them daily, as they get dirty very quickly.

Owning a guinea pig is a huge responsibility, and not one that should be taken lightly. It is essential that you provide your pets with somewhere comfortable to live, and keep them warm with plenty of fresh hay and grass.

Pete has owned guinea pigs for a number of years, and has amassed a huge amount of knowledge about them in this time. He loves sharing what he has learned with other owners and enthusiasts. Visit his website to learn more or to get in touch with him directly.

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